ft PSG – Kylian Mbappe has made PSG his toy

Back in Ligue 1 after a summer sacking, Kylian Mbappe played a decisive role in helping PSG finally score points this season. How was he made a hero when he didn’t even join a club in Paris? Walid Acherchor was left speechless at the player’s tour de force.

It only took him 13 minutes to find good habits in Ligue 1. Kylian Mbappe showed on Saturday evening that he is an option at PSG like no other. Against Toulouse, the French striker helped give his club confidence in success by scoring PSG’s first goal of the season. He scored a penalty with his dribbling before successfully converting. He then went to celebrate at the Paris visitor parking lot. A funny picture of Samar’s isolation, being sidelined, Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s threats and an almost planned transfer to Real Madrid. Mbappe dons the PSG hero’s outfit once again.

Mbappe too strong to be punished by PSG?

This debut outing for Kylian Mbappe confirms his management’s choice to keep him back in Luis Enrique’s group while PSG struggle to finish their tasks. However, from the point of view of the transfer window, we still wonder about the relevance of such a strategy when Mbappe has not yet extended an extension with the Parisian club. Looking at the landscape of the evening, Walid Etcherhour no longer sees what can move Kylian Mbappe, more potent than ever at PSG. The match in Toulouse looks like a turning point in the PSG-Kilian Mbappe battle and according to him it is not in favor of the Parisian club.

, On the back of Mbappe, we still have the impression that Mbappe has won again. Me when he scores and celebrates etc. I had my doubts… It was unimaginable to me that Mbappe would play again before August 31 than before Japan. Also he enters in the 49th minute, on the first ball he dodges a Toulouse defender, scores the penalty. Storytelling is crazy, he loves it, he loves Kylian Mbappe. Plus, the festivities are insane. If there really is no expansion, it means that PSG has been badly defeated ”, he said at the afterparty on RMC. Suffice it to say that the next 11 days will be decisive in assessing PSG’s true strength in this Mbappe affair.

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