Ft PSG – PSG, Bernardo Silva refuses Zaire-Emery offer in Paris

Paris supporters may regret that PSG failed to sign Bernardo Silva this summer. However, his arrival would only be allowed by City on the condition of an exchange with Warren Zaire-Emery.

Has the atmosphere of Paris once again become PSG’s strength? Since the start of the season, we are tempted to answer yes as the trio of Manuel Ugarte, Warren Zaire-Emery and Vitinha perform excellently on the pitch. Young Titi is undoubtedly very satisfied with the start of the season, having already secured a natural starting place in the Parisian eleven at only 17 years of age. With Zaire-Emery, PSG have an invaluable asset who must lock down if they hope to reap maximum benefits in terms of results in the coming years. However, before Luis Enrique could install him as a starter, PSG could lose him due to a summer priority file: Bernardo Silva.

City wanted to replace Zaire-Emery with Silva

In fact, Luis Campos tried his best to attract his compatriot to PSG. A fantastic metronome that deserved investment and concessions. In addition to the high transfer price, Manchester City wanted to steal Warren Zaire-Emery from the Parisian club. The idea of ​​the exchange came from Pep Guardiola, a big fan of the young Parisian player. Fortunately, PSG had other plans in mind, even if it meant leaving Silva for the Englishman. CottOffside journalist Jonathan Johnson revealed details of the discussions.

, It is well established that PSG wanted to sign Bernardo Silva, and Zaire-Emery was mentioned when contacts were made for Silva earlier this summer. PSG were keen to include Marco Verratti and Gianluigi Donnarumma in a deal for Silva, but City were more interested in acquiring someone like Zaire-Emery, as well as, of course, a significant sum. That didn’t happen and now it appears the 17-year-old is set to carve out a role for Luis Enrique “, he indicated. Without predicting Zaire-Emery’s future too early, PSG have undoubtedly chosen the most relevant option for the coming years.

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