Ftx case, the class action promoted by Codes and Fci starts – Il Golfo 24

“As the days go by – say the representatives of the four associations gathered in the FCI – new details are emerging which demonstrate not only the complexity of the case, but also its seriousness. We are investigating the matter further, also with regard to the consequences at European level and, specifically, for Cyprus, given the suspension decided by the Cypriot supervisory authority of the authorization to operate as an investment company held by FTX (EU) Ltd. We have decided to initiate a class action to protect those who have invested in Ftx, one of the most important platforms and undoubtedly the most discussed today. We are receiving numerous reports, including from private individuals and the initiative implemented also concerns them, not just consumers. While waiting for new developments, also regarding the notice to the company we are sending, we invite you to be cautious. The situation is chaotic. The impact on the cryptocurrency sector is significant and for this reason we must act with the utmost caution. For days there has been talk of a possible domino effect and there are continuously cases of platforms that suddenly collapse. We will also follow this story, providing legal assistance to those who thought they had made a profitable investment and now fear they have lost everything”.

Consumers and individuals who have made an investment in Ftx can request clarifications and assistance from the associations gathered in the Fci. As for Codes, you can send an email to segreteria.sportello@codici.org or call

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