Fuel bonus for companies, the audience of beneficiaries is expanding

With the approval of the Aid ter decree, the government has decided to extend the fuel bonus to new categories, in particular to companies agricultural, agromechanics and of fishing to support the expenses incurred in the fourth quarter of 2022 for the purchase of diesel and petrol used for the traction of the vehicles used in those activities.

Fuel bonus, what it is

The measure against expensive energy entitles you to a tax credit of 20% of the costs incurred for the purchase of diesel and petrol used in the vehicles used for the activities, but also for the heating of greenhouses and buildings. The text explains that the objective of the 20% tax credit is to “mitigate the economic effects deriving from the persistence of the exceptional increase in the price of diesel and petrol”.
The bonus applies to the purchase of fuel used for the following purposes:

  • traction of the vehicles used for the exercise of the activities (Ateco code 1.61);
  • heating of greenhouses and production buildings used for animal breeding.

Fuel bonus, the characteristics of the tax credit

The bonus covers expenses incurred during the fourth quarter of the year, ie from October to December 2022which must be proven through the relevant purchase invoices, net of value added tax

The fuel bonus is also usable exclusively in compensation until 30 June 2023 or until 31 December 2023.

Agricultural, agro-mechanical and fishing enterprises they can fully surrender to other subjects, including credit institutions and other intermediaries, the tax credit to which they are entitled.

It is also possible to proceed with two further sales but only to banks and financial intermediaries, companies belonging to a banking group, insurance companies.

In case of assignment of the tax credit, the beneficiary companies are required to request the approval of the data relating to the documentation that certifies the existence of the conditions that give the right to the fuel bonus.

Fuel bonus, the deadline

The beneficiaries, by February 16, 2023, must notify the Revenue Agency, under penalty of forfeiture of the right to use the remaining credit, of the amount accrued in 2022.

The Revenue Agency will define the content and procedures for submitting the communication with a provision to be adopted within thirty days of the entry into force of the Aid ter decree.

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