Fuel prices may fall without government intervention

As BM Reflex reminds, The drop in oil prices was triggered at the end of last week by information about a new variant of the coronavirus. If the crude oil market remains at a lower level, in the first half of December we may see fuel price cuts at domestic stations, ie earlier than the announced cuts under the anti-inflationary shield, the Bureau points out.

As he notes, in the last dozen or so days, a slow decline in wholesale prices has already been recorded, which should now be deepened.

According to the government representatives, the anticipated decline in fuel prices, triggered by the introduction of the anti-inflationary shield, should translate into a decline in retail prices of PLN 28-30 per liter.

In the opinion of BM Reflex, after the proposed solutions enter into force, the prices could drop to an average of PLN 0.20 per liter of petrol, to PLN 0.15 per liter of diesel.

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