Fuel prices Orlen Lotos advertising excise tax anti-inflationary shield propaganda

As part of the campaign, they appeared in many places in Poland billboards with the slogan “Fuel prices in Poland are among the lowest in Europe” referring to the website PaliwawEuropie.pl.

The website notes that the final price of the fuel consists of many factors, incl. crude oil and biocomponent prices and the exchange rate of foreign currencies, primarily the US dollar, to the zloty.

– Since 2012, the dollar exchange rate has increased by as much as 23%, which directly affects the cost of a single barrel, and thus the price of the fuel obtained. European law requires all member states to add biofuels to fuel. Unfortunately, since 2012 their cost has increased threefold – described.

Calculate how many more liters of fuel you can buy for an average salary

It was emphasized that compared to salaries, fuel prices have been stable in recent years. – Increase in wages and economic development is actually ahead of the global situation on the fuel market. Today, compared to 2010, the average salary in Poland costs about 66% more gasoline and about 60% more diesel oil. In the same period, a German can buy approx. 28% more gasoline and approx. 23% more diesel oil, and a Slovak – approx. 38% more gasoline and approx. 44% more diesel oil. – calculated.

Each driver can recall the years when the fuel price was over PLN 5, while salaries were several or several dozen percent lower – added.

The website assured that fuel price increases “in Poland are the least severe for consumers”. – The stable position of large fuel concerns and the greater resilience of our economy to the global economic situation have made fuel in Poland one of the cheapest in Europe today, underlined.

Also included comparison of EU95 petrol and diesel prices in almost 30 European countries. All rates are given in PLN, in both rankings Poland ranks third, cheaper fuel is only in Bulgaria and Romania.

The campaign message was commented on by Szymon Hołownia, leader of Poland 2050. – In a normal country, this money would go to lower the fuel price by at least a few cents, in a PiS country – they go to propaganda that elsewhere – more expensive. And what do we care about “elsewhere”? Poles are refueling in PL – he wrote.

In the inflation shield, lower fuel excise tax for five months

For several weeks, fuel prices have been the highest in several years, the rate per liter of 95 petrol has exceeded PLN 6, and LPG is PLN 3.30-3.40.

The first reading of the draft amendment to the excise duty act and the retail sales tax act began in the Sejm on Thursday. It is part of the government’s anti-inflationary shield, which will also include changes in VAT rates for electricity, gas and system heat.

The draft amendment to the Excise Tax Act and the Retail Sales Tax Act provides, inter alia, temporary reduction of tax rates for electricity and some engine fuels, i.e. diesel oil, biocomponents constituting intrinsic fuels, motor gasoline, liquefied LPG.

The draft introduces an exemption from excise duty on electricity sold to households from 1 January to 31 May 2022 and a reduction in the rate of this tax for other consumers.

The draft also introduces a reduction in excise duty rates on fuels in the period from December 20 to December 31 this year and from January 1 to May 31, 2022. According to the justification, due to EU regulations, it is necessary to increase the excise duty rates at the beginning of the year, although they will be lower than those currently in force.

The explanatory memorandum indicated that after the December reduction, diesel may be cheaper by PLN 0.08 per liter (and after VAT – by 0.10 PLN), and from January 1 to May 31 – by PLN 0.05 per liter (by PLN 0.10 including VAT). On the other hand, gasoline in December may become cheaper by 0.14 PLN / l (with VAT by PLN 0.17), and from January – by PLN 0.11 / l (with VAT by 0.18 PLN per liter).

In addition, the draft temporarily (from January 1 to May 31, 2022) excludes fuel sales from taxation with the retail sales tax.

According to the Regulatory Impact Assessment, the total cost of the proposed changes to the budget is over PLN 1.5 billion. The regulations are to enter into force the day after the announcement.

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