Full Picture! “Covid Business”. Who is making money from a pandemic?

Already today, TVP1 viewers will be able to watch the last of the series of 12 documentary films of the FULL IMAGE series. I must admit that at the very end of the series, Mariusz Pilis, its originator, left a very strong story. The topic will be the money that some people are earning from the coronavirus epidemic.

A fascinating and bold story about what blooms in the shadow of Covid, directed by Ernest Saj.

Who is making money from the coronavirus? Do only the dishonest get paid? Why don’t people want to get vaccinated? Why, in order to be able to move freely around Europe, some are willing to risk and choose the path of crime? We checked the tightness of covid passport control systems at several borders. We used journalistic provocation. We are guided by a higher social interest. We want to take a look at what the controls look like. We tried to get to several European cities with a false covid passport. Is it possible to travel with a fake certificate?

– explains Mariusz Pilis.

The author of the series did not forget to thank the viewers who faithfully waited for each of the next films.

Thank you for being with us. Our series was watched by over 4 million viewers. For a debut in such a complex documentary, mission, social and investigative project, it is more than a good result. We say goodbye for a while. We will be back soon

– adds Pilis.


“Full Picture”.

The originator, format director and producer is Mariusz Pilis – director, documentary filmmaker, producer, who has been making films for 30 years for channels such as TVP1, TVP2, TVN, BBC1, BBC4, CHANNEL4, TV2 (DANMARK), VPRO – (NETHERLANDS), ARTE, FILMS TRANSIT (CANADA), TV BULGARIA, October Films (UK), Phanta Vision, Amago (Netherlands). The founder and first director of TVP Info, director of the Television Information Agency, currently the President of the Management Board of Mewa Film Sp. z o. o., implementing the series. The director of today’s episode is Ernest Saj, the author of the famous documentary “Escape from hell (2016) – describing the stories of parents who took their children from the Jugendamt organization in Germany.

If you missed any of the movies, you can come back to it. All existing documents can be found at vod.tvp.pl

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