Fun and optimistic here is the new Netflix movie to mark on our calendar that will be released this week

This new comedy created by the platform itself will be released on May 13 in Italy on Netflix. A film that winks at some successes of the past, but which at the same time looks to the future.

The protagonist of this film is the comic actress Rebel Wilson, an actress we saw alongside Anne Hathaway in “Beware of those two” and then in “Pith Perfect”, in “Single but not too much”, “Isn’t it romantic?” and also “The friends of the bride”. All films in which Rebel Wilson has shown her talent and her comedy.

The Australian actress, who has recently lost many pounds and is determined to improve her health, is back in spectacular shape in this 2022 film. For a long time she has been on the front pages of world newspapers because of her rapid weight loss. In fact, the actress lost 35 kilos in 18 months. Today everyone is talking about her for her great return to the small screen. A film to see in the evening in company that will make us double up with laughter as only Rebel can do.

Fun and optimistic here is the new Netflix movie to mark on our calendar that will be released this week

The Australian actress for the film “Cheerleader Forever” will star with Justin Hartley, Angourie Rice and Avantika Vandanapu. What’s the movie about?

The film tells the story of a cheerleader who wakes up after a coma that lasted 20 very long years. Upon awakening her she decides to return to high school to try to reprise her role in cheerleading and be crowned high school prom queen, which she did not participate in given the situation she found herself in.

The coma resulted from a bad fall while he was doing a performance and, after waking up, at 37, he decides to resume his life where he left off. She or her when she was 17 and the most popular girl in school.

A woman convinced of her actions, of what she wants to do and what she wants to achieve. She wants to finish her studies, live her youth, be a cheerleader and of course be a queen. A new world, completely different from the one she had left. A new adventure that doesn’t scare her, but that she wants to do at all costs.

There are those who would never return to high school, while others decide to do so. Fun and upbeat here is the new Netflix movie not to be missed out on May 13th. But Netflix always offers so much more, and if you don’t know what to do there are 3 critically acclaimed films you must see. Yet we also recommend the sequel to this movie that many have been waiting for from 2020.

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