Fun fact: Chris Brown’s “Forever” came after the release of the gum commercial

There’s no way to talk about Chris Brown’s youth without remembering the timeless hit, “forever“. The song was the first single from the extended version or re-release of the album’Exclusive‘ (Nov 2007), which was called ‘Exclusive: The Forever Edition” “forever” was one of four songs added to the tracklist for the new version (Forever, Superhuman, Heart Ain’t a Brain and Picture Perfect Remix).

The song reached number 2 on the billboard Hot 100 in the US and #1 on the Mainstream radio chart “Top 40 (Pop Songs)”, also #1 in Ireland and New Zealand and entered the top 10 in Australia (#7), Canada (#2) and United Kingdom (#4).

But what many don’t know, is the true origin and inspiration for this single, and it certainly didn’t come from a beautiful girl that Chris fell in love with, but from CHICLETE!

In 2007, Wrigley’s company which specializes in chewing gum production, decided it was time to update their famous jingles and partnered with three musicians, Chris Brown was hired to rewrite and record the commercial for doublemint. Ne-Yo was hired to update the jingle”Kiss a Little Longer” for Big Red and country star Julianne Hough, was hired to record her version of “The Taste is Gonna Move Ya“.

Chris actually wrote the jingle to the beat of forever (which was not yet his) and wrote the 30-second lyrics and almost 5-minute lyrics (the song itself) for the commercial. The sound, still considered a jingle, was released on the internet the following year, in April 2008, and something unexpected happened: millions of consumers downloaded the commercial to their MP3 players, danced to a jingle in nightclubs around the world and exploded. the four-minute sound for the Doublemint gum, the music video for the gum was also already recorded, FOREVER’S OWN CLIP (we can see Chris eating the gum after getting out of the car). Seeing the success and potential, the label, Jive, rushed to grab all the rights and included it in the re-release of “Exclusive” in June 2008.

The brand’s intention was to actually release the full song and commercial 30 seconds later.

See the commercial:

Brand interest in Doublemint gum has never been higher, in September 2008, doublemint had its highest online brand value ever. In fact, after the song dropped off the Billboard charts, the brand’s interest in Doublemint gum dropped by 60%. See the chart for that year and the company’s shares:

Source: Teen Vogue

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