Future says he’ll release more music this year, details production of “I’m On One” with Drake

Future reveals he plans to deliver even more music this year

future has just released his latest work, “I Never Liked You”. While it’s an album that will remain in rotation for the remainder of spring and summer, if not the entire year, the rapper may have even more projects in store. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as fans already suspected he would release two albums back-to-back, although there’s no confirmation of the rumors.

During a recent interview with Apple Music, future announced plans to release new music before the end of the year. He explained that his intention is to come up with more moves, but says he wants to lay the groundwork for his artists first. “I will release music. I’ll be releasing more singles but my team, you know what I’m saying, wants something double ohh. Boston Richie just arrived and I really just want to release music with them.”

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“They’re coming out next, so it’s really about them. Do you know what I’m saying? Just showing niggas coming after me or whatever. Just giving them that super work ethic. However, they are already building their own sounds, playing on their own, so it’s going well,” he told Zane Lowe.

Elsewhere in the interview, he discussed his standout collaboration with Drake in “I’m On One”. While the two have forged an amazing relationship over the years, the record simply came about after future showed the Canadian rapper.

“We just made those sounds because it was the moment, but it was inevitable, you know what I’m saying, for it to happen like this. I was thinking I stayed in Los Angeles to record this song [I’m On One]. I played for him after I produced. Once it was done, I played the record for him,” he added.

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