“G **** on the situation”. The former coach of Polish jumpers does not bite his tongue

The attitude of Polish jumpers in this season of the World Cup leaves much to be desired. While Kamil Stoch looked good at the beginning of the season, now even he cannot find his former form. After not being promoted to the competition in Innsbruck, it was decided that Kamil Stoch would not compete in Bischofshofen. TVP Sport informed that the well-known Austrian specialist Harald Pernitsch, who had already cooperated with our players during the term of Stefan Horngacher, is to join the crisis team of the team. The trainer then primarily controlled the physical parameters of our jumpers.

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Stefan Horngacher is surprised by the weaker form of Poles. But not only him

The weaker form of Poles is a topic of discussion not only in our backyard, but also in other countries. “Incomprehensible”, “Blow in the face” – this is part of the reaction of the Norwegian media to the withdrawal of Kamil Stoch. Stefan Horngacher, the national team coach in 2016-2019 in Sport1 television, spoke briefly and bluntly about the form of the white and reds. “We have contact with my former colleagues from the team. The Poles are a bit confused, and this is really bad for the situation” – said the coach.

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The Germans do not have such problems because they are the leaders of the Nations Cup, and not only Karl Geiger, but also Markus Eisenbichler competes regularly for the podium in the World Cup competitions. What does Simon Ammann advise Stoch? “The problem lies in the mentality, entering the season is difficult and there is always a problem. The Poles looked very good before the start of the season. Kamil should rest before Zakopane and return to the hill he knows best. There are many ways to overcome the crisis” – said the Swiss.

A slightly crazier idea came from Halvor Egner Granerud, who is currently third in the overall World Cup standings. “He has to regain the joy of jumping. If I were him, I would jump from three bars higher than the others in training or decide to jump in tandem. He must feel the fun again” – said the Norwegian. “It is very reasonable to ask if Stoch will return to the competition in Zakopane. Even Michal Doleżal does not yet know the answer to this question” – said Jakub Balcerski, a journalist at Sport.pl.

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