G2A Does Not Fulfill the Promise to Compensate the Lost Money to Indies Studios


Since a few days ago the G2A digital key store has been involved in the controversy and is that there are numerous independent developers who have lashed out against the platform for the sale of fraudulent lifts and the damage that this causes to independent studies. Mike Rose, editor No More Robots, has come to create a campaign to collect signatures for the web to stop selling this type of video game. From the store, they have defended themselves against all the accusations, claiming a few days ago that they will return 10 times the lost money to any indie studio that shows that they have caused such losses.

However, it seems that these statements have fallen on deaf ears, and that is that the responsibility for the acclaimed Factorio have wanted to take advantage of the promise and have taken account. As explained in a publication on his official blog, the makers of Factorio estimate that since the launch of the game, the sale of fraudulent keys has caused losses of about $ 6,600, so the money that G2A should pay them to meet their word is really high.

” We had a lot of returns and fraud issues in 2016 just after the launch on Steam, with more than 300 keys purchased through stolen credit cards. With a return rate of about $ 20, we estimate that the total fees we pay because of the returns are around $ 6,600. We will make a more in-depth evaluation of our records to have more accurate data “, explain the people in charge of Factorio.

” So I sent an email to G2A about their article and their ‘promise’ from last week, and they are not particularly quick with the request. I have a list of all the Steam keys that we had to revoke because they had been purchased fraudulently, and G2A has offered to check the keys. Right now, here the story ends, they have not responded to my mail by sending them the keys and asking how many had been sold on their website. We already know that at least some of the keys have been sold in G2A because after revoking them there were people sending me emails asking what had happened with their game. “

For now, the response of G2A in this respect is still silence and we will see if, after the weekend, the store returns to give the face on the matter. The truth is that the situation does not seem at all favorable for the store, and less after last week came to light how the store would have tried to camouflage publicity to wash your image as opinion pieces on some web portals. You can read more about it below.

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