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Born in Rome in 1967 the director and screenwriter Gabriele Muccino on May 20 of this year it takes place 55 years old. La di lui is an artistic production that started in Italy and arrived in the years up to Hollywood. During his career he has in fact worked not only with many well-known faces of cinema made in Italy but also with Oscar-winning actors such as Russel Crowe and Will Smith. To celebrate the director, here are 5 films he directed to review in streaming.

1. Nobody Ever Like You (1999) – NowTV
A generational comedy which is also a snapshot of the 90s and which was very successful in theaters. The protagonist is the younger brother of Gabriele Muccino: Silvio. The actor – who was not yet of age at the time of filming – plays a high school student struggling with his own occupation schoolwith the first loves and above all in perennial conflict with the parents, like all his peers. Many years after the release, talking about just that moviethe director said he wanted to immortalize the beauty of adolescence and the nostalgia.
There film ideal for reliving the school years and savoring that atmosphere in which everything is new.

2. The Last Kiss (2001) – Netflix
Winner of 5 David di Donatello – including best director – and 3 silver tapes ‘The Last Kiss’ is perhaps the most famous film of Muccino and was able to count on an exceptional choral cast. The story is that of a group of friends about thirty years old, struggling with the daily difficulties and changes of adulthood. There each other the main one is that of Carlo (Stefano Accorsi) who embarks on a love story with the very young Francesca (Martina Stella) while his wife Giulia (Giovanna Mezzogiorno) is expecting their first child. In 2006 Tony Goldwyn (Fitz from ‘Scandal’) made a remake of the film, titled ‘The last kiss‘. The protagonists are Zach Braff (Doctor John Dorian of ‘Scrubs’) in the role that was of Accorsi and Rachel Bilson (Summer of ‘The OC’) who plays the role of Martina Stella.
Romantic, melancholy and chaotic, in full Muccino style. A film that has rightfully entered the history of Italian cinema.

3. Fathers and Daughters (2015) – Disney +
Russel Crowe and Amanda Seyfried are the protagonists of this family drama. The story is that of a famous writer, Jake Davis, and the complex relationship he has with his daughter Katie. The events are told following different timelines in a continuous alternation of flashback and scenes of the present. This is the fourth, and so far most recent, American career venture of Gabriele Muccino. The screenplay was written by Brad Desch and has long remained on the black list of the best scripts not yet made. In 2013 Muccino was contacted to take care of it and two years later the movie arrived in theaters.
Exciting and movingthe cast includes three Academy Awards (Russel Crowe, Jane Fonda and Olivia Spencer) and Oscar nominee Amanda Seyfried.

4. Everybody’s at Home (2018) – Netflix / Disney +
If we talk about choral filmsone of the most successful in Italy in recent years is certainly ‘A casa tutti bene’ which also won a Silver ribbon special for the cast. In the film appear – among others – Stefano AccorsiStefania Sandrelli, Sabrina Impacciatore and Pierfrancesco Favino who had already worked with Muccino in previous feature films. In the film, all the members of a family meet in Ischia to celebrate the golden wedding of Alba and Pietro, two of the gods protagonists, and get trapped indoors due to bad weather. Between 2021 and 2022 on Sky (and streaming on Now TV) a series of the same title has been released and always directed by Gabriele Muccino. The family events in this case they are told in more depth.
A saga in which there is no shortage twists but above all food for thought. The cast is stellar.

5. The best years (2020) – Prime video, Premium subscription
Giulio, Paolo and Riccardo – played respectively by Pierfrancesco Favino, Kim Rossi Stuart and Claudio Santamaria – have been friends since they were kids. Theirs relationship which seems indissoluble is put to the test over the years by Gem (Micaela Ramazzotti). In telling the story of a group of friends from childhood to adulthood, the movie in reality it also traces the events of our country, both in happy moments and in the darkest ones. The social impact of the victory of the 82 World Cupof the fall of the wall of Berlin and also of the attack on the twin towers in 2001. Claudio Baglioni made one for this film song homonymous which is part of the official soundtrack.
A feature film that passes from the particular story to that one universal and try to explain that, sometimes, the happy ending also exists in reality.

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