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Even being Gal Gadot is not enough to get a role: the famous actress had to audition for that of the Evil Queen in the live action remake of “Snow White”.

It was during an interview with GQ (via ComingSoon) that Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot opened up about how she was cast as the Evil Queen in Disney’s upcoming live-action movie Blanche. -Snow.

The actress has indeed revealed that she had to audition for the project, which she had not done for a long time. She also added that the casting team asked her to prepare a song to make sure she could sing for the role.

It was the first time I had to audition for a project in a while. They had to make sure I could sing because it’s a musical. So for a month I worked on the song and then I auditioned and we filmed the song, and I got the part, and it was very exciting.

Furthermore, Gal Gadot also expressed how much she loved filming the fantasy film. “There was so much to shoot because it’s so different from anything I’ve ever done. It’s so delicious and enjoyable, and I could really let loose and be theatrical.


The next adaptation of Snow White, slated for release in 2024, is based on Disney’s first animated classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which debuted over 80 years ago and launched the studio’s success and legendary animated films. The feature film is also inspired by the 1812 German fairy tale written by the Brothers Grimm and will star Rachel Zegler (West Side Story, Hunger Games: The Ballad of the Serpent and the Songbird) in the lead role, alongside sides of Gal Gadot therefore in the role of the Evil Queen.

The film is directed and produced by Marc Webb from a screenplay by Greta Gerwig and Erin Cressida Wilson. The original film’s story and music are meant to be expanded, with La La Land and The Greatest Showman duo Benj Pasek and Justin Paul joining the project to write new songs.

Snow White is part of Disney’s growing list of live-action projects alongside Moana, Hercules, Lilo & Stitch, Mufasa and Bambi, as well as sequels to Cruella and Aladdin.

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