Galactic Civilizations III for free on the Epic Games Store

Would you like to try your hand at the 4X space strategy? This time, Epic Games Store has made Galactic Civilizations III available as part of a periodic promotion.

Galactic Civilizations III for free download

Another free game arrives on the Epic Games Store every Thursday. Sometimes it is even in the plural, but not this time. As previously announced, account holders in the store can expand their Galactic Civilizations III library. The offer is valid for one week, until January 20, 17:00 CET.

Expansion of the 4X strategy

Fans of this genre know very well that this is one of the installments of the popular, but also appreciated series. For those less inept, it can be added that the premiere of Galactic Civilizations III took place in 2015 (despite this, we are still waiting for the latest version, Galactic Civilizations IV), and the average rating from the reviews exceeded 80%. The players were a bit less kind, but in their case you can also talk about a warm reception of the production of Stardock studio.

A production which is a 4X strategy (term from the words explore, expand, exploit, exterminat), in which the action focuses on space and not only people, but also alien races. Players choose one of them and try to bring about a situation in which the built civilization will dominate the others.

The game is extensive, each race has its own history, technology tree and other spaceships. Success can be achieved not only by military conquest, but also by effective trade, effective development of new technologies, and even appropriate diplomacy or espionage. And everything not only in the campaign, because there is also a multiplayer.

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Source: Stardock Games, Epic Games Store

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