Galatasaray – Molde match tickets are on sale!

Galatasaray will face Molde in the second match of the UEFA Champions League play-off tour. Tickets for the fight, which will take place on Tuesday, August 29 at the Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex RAMS Park, are on sale for priority access to GS Bonus card holders.

Tickets Friday, August 25 Passing card with GS logo at 11:00 in salesAPresentit is hot.

Click here to follow our Lions in this crucial match that will determine the team that will qualify for the Champions League groups!

Combination owners can transfer the seat of their combination to our club for one match, for matches that they cannot attend. If your seat belonging to your combination that you have transferred to our club is sold as a ticket (excluding expenses), 60% of the ticket proceeds 2024-2025 This will be applied as a discount on football season combination purchases.

According to Law No. 6222, tickets may not be sold except in places and authorities deemed appropriate by the relevant federation, sports clubs and other authorized persons. For this reason, our fans should not buy tickets from persons and institutions that are not authorized according to law, and those who sell tickets in this way are illegal, punishable by a jail term of six months to one year and a judicial fine. Get. From 100 days to 2000 days, and those who sell tickets at a price higher than their value should be punished. They shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term of one year to three years and with a judicial fine of two hundred to five thousand days.

  • All categories are meal-free. Our fans can purchase food and drink for an additional fee.
  • Our stadium parking lot is only available to combination owners who have purchased a Season Parking Card. Our fans who have bought tickets have no right to use the stadium parking for matches.
  • Passolig service fee is included in the price.
  • rams park Aslanli Road toll booths are open every day of the week between 09:00 and 18:00.
  • Call Center Number: 444 1905
  • Active Sales Center Near You You can find out here.
  • A fan shall be entitled to purchase 2 (two) tickets by entering separate TR ID numbers. Every fan must have a Passolig card.
  • Our fans with Passolig cards can buy and transfer tickets from the Passolig Call Center.
  • Fans who do not have a Passolig card can purchase tickets after applying at
  • 0-6 years of age is free.
  • In competitions where e-ticket application is mandatory and where both electronic tickets and paper tickets are entered, a person who enters the competition with an electronic card issued by someone else and his card is used by someone else is done, he is subject to it. Law No. 6222. 15. outline of the provisions of the articleBut Punitive action is taken and these people are also banned from traveling. For this reason, our fans should not enter competitions with someone else’s electronic card (passolig) so as not to incur a fine, and they should not allow others to use their electronic card.

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