Its fantastic 14.6 ″ AMOLED display puts it in direct comparison almost more with laptops than with other tablets and this is the question that spontaneously arises: keyboard, pen, performance, desktop interface, productivity, are all its strengths. but can they make a PC useless? Certainly not for everyone, but for some users I think so, let’s see which ones and why!

Let’s start with packaging. What do we find? Almost nothing, just the USB-C data cable on both sides.

The size they are 326.4 x 208.6 x 5.5 mm thick and 728 grams in weight. How to interpret them? Surely it is very thin, then it is quite large but inevitable given the 14.6 ″ of the display and the weight is contained if you think of the tablet itself but it becomes heavy then adding cover and keyboard (which are very useful). In the end it becomes comparable to a notebook (of the light ones) of the same size.

The display is a fantastic 14.6 ″ Super AMOLED with 1848 x 2960 resolution, 240PPI and 120Hz refresh rate. What convinced me most, as well as the obvious excellent viewing quality of AMOLEDs, is the brightness, always high enough to use it comfortably, even outdoors.

The processor it is Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 with Adreno 730 GPU, 12 / 16GB of RAM and 256 / 512GB of UFS 3.1 internal memory expandable via microSD.

The performance they are excellent, with this processor there is nothing to say, I also edited a 4K video and above all I used a lot of DEX, the Samsung desktop mode that turns it into a real PC, (Windows apart). Its limit at this point only becomes the apps, since the more specific ones are missing, but if you make a general use of it with web, mail, office and video playback it will also be fine to replace the laptop, with the plus of the pen. and all its functions, the same as that of S22 Ultra and therefore of the Note series.

The rear chamber compartment it consists of a 13MP main camera plus a 6MP ultra-wide-angle camera with a 120 ° field of view. Front instead we find a 12MP main and a 12MP ultra-wide angle with a 120 ° field of view. Very useful for videocalls the function that allows you to always remain in the center of the frame while moving around the room.

To report the voice recorder, which also has the convenient automatic transcription function and by the way university students come to mind, who in addition to the recorder will also be able to take advantage of the pen given the very low input-lag and the integrated wacom digitizer that distinguishes its touch from that of the fingers.

L’audio comes out of 4 speakers, so it’s stereo, and has excellent quality, including bass, as well as a really high volume.

So let’s go back to the original question, can replace the PC? The answer is yes but as long as you don’t use exclusive Windows or iPadOS applications. The latter, for example, can count on really professional applications for drawing with the pen that on Android, even with an excellent pen from the hardware point of view, there are.

How much? His price part d 1,299 euros for the version 12 / 256GB without 5G and arrives at the 1,649 euros of the 16 / 512GB with 5G. Certainly not low, especially considering that the pen is included but the cover and keyboard will be purchased separately for about 300 euros, but on Amazon it has already started to go down a bit. It will remain a niche product, but good Samsung to continue believing it!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Tablet Android 14.6 Inch 5G RAM 12 GB 256 GB Tablet An …

Buy now and save 350 €!

€ 1099.00

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