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According to Reuters, the research was conducted by Laura V. Cuaya from Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest (Hungary), who a few years ago moved to the city from Mexico with her dog named Kun-kun. “I was wondering if Kun-kun noticed that people in Budapest speak a different language, Hungarian,” the researcher said.

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Hungary. A groundbreaking research by scientists. Dogs can distinguish between languages

Reuters explained that the study involved 18 psw, including Kun-kun, lying motionless while they were undergoing an MRI scan. Previously, animals heard only one language from their owners – Spanish or Hungarian. They found that the patterns of cerebral response to both languages ​​in dogs’ auditory cortex were different, indicating that dogs have the ability to distinguish between languages. Moreover, the older the dog was, the easier his brain could tell between two languages.

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Canine behaviorist: Many people assume that dogs just hear gibberish

“We have shown for the first time that the inhuman brain can distinguish between language,” concluded the scientist Cuaya, quoted by Scientific American, the oldest American popular science monthly. As she adds, dogs are unique animals, willing to cooperate. – The great thing about dogs is that they want to cooperate. They want to understand us – he adds.

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“This is a really great new study of dog speech perception,” says animal behaviorist Holly Root-Gutteridge of the University of Lincoln in England, who was not involved in the dog study. “Many people just assume that when we speak, dogs just hear” blah blah blah “, he adds, pointing out that it is now known that they can pick up the rhythm of human speech and thus distinguish between languages.

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