Games of chance. Self-summoned Homemade Bingo workers fight for their wages

During noon on Wednesday, a group of self-summoned workers from the Caseros Bingo, belonging to the Midas Group, met on San Martín Avenue in this town of the Tres de Febrero district. With signs in hand, they drew the attention of pedestrians, seeking their support. The claim is very simple: receive the salary that corresponds to them.

The response of the millionaire Midas group, benefited by the REPRO plan with which the State assumes part of the corporate responsibility for salary payments, was to wait. Workers who depend on their wages to live, support their families and rent must wait. Along with the business policy, both the gastronomic union and the union of gambling workers are betting on a passive wait in front of an employer that historically gambles with the lives and hunger of its employees.

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