Garda accident, one of the convicted Germans free after 13 months

The night of June 21 last year

Kassen was arrested on July 5

after having constituted himself at Brenner, knowing of an international arrest warrant requested by the Brescia prosecutor. After a short period in prison, he ended up under house arrest in Modena with a ban on leaving Italy, a condition in which he faced the entire first degree trial. In court in Brescia, both he and Teismann have always claimed that they did not realize they had run over the goiter on which Umberto and Greta were stationary, a version also accepted in the grounds for the conviction, in which, however, a precarious alcoholic condition and non-compliance are contested. obligations during navigation.

They were convicted of manslaughter, while the judge acquitted them of shipwreck and wrongful death charges. In the face of the death of a child, however, I cannot forgive. I am dead inside, “he said

Enzo Garzarella, Umberto’s father

. “I was always bothered by their attitude because in my opinion they never told the truth about how things really went. My son will never go back anyway.” The two families of the victims did not appear as a civil party in the trial after receiving compensation from the insurance of the two defendants.

For the first instance judge, “Kassen, in a state of intoxication and fatigued by the day, sailed at a speed equal to four times that allowed by regional law, a speed limit which, moreover, he did not even know, and moreover, without performing an adequate lookout service , impacted the goiter of the offended people “. While Teismann, for his part, “aware of the state of intoxication and fatigue of the co-accused, also ignoring the lake speed limits, entrusted the management of the vehicle to his friend and then

he fell asleep or at least fell asleep

and therefore did not monitor during the navigation “, reads the reasons for the sentence.

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