Gardening: How to recover a succulent burned by the Sun?

People often think that succulentsbeing sun plantsdo not suffer or suffer from the ravages of UV rays, but the truth is that these species can also burn, dehydrate and wilt due to this. Keep reading because we tell you more about it.

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Why does a succulent get sunburned?

The sunlight are becoming more intense and harmful to living beings, including plants, so that, although succulents They are species that live in hot places, they hardly resist long hours of exposure to sunlight. Therefore, it is not recommended to place them directly under the king star from 11am to 5pm.

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What Does a Sunburned Succulent Look Like?

The leaves of a succulent that has been burned or has been too exposed to the Sun, it usually folds or closes to cover itself from UV rays, since its leaves work as a kind of umbrella.

If your plant has been burned, its leaves will have lost their thickness and will begin to turn brown or black. They may also dry out or have white spots.

If you have detected that your plant has some of these qualities, calm down, do not rush to remove the burned leaves. First we must place them in a new environment.

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How to recover a succulent with excess Sun?

Step 1

Take your pant off Sun and put it in a shady place for three or four days. Avoid placing it near windows or objects that can have a magnifying effect on it, because that will continue to burn it.

Step 2

Hydrate it properly, if the substrate indicates that it needs water, give it to it because it will need this liquid to recover.

Step 3

You must re-acclimatize your plant, this means that you will gradually move it to places where it receives more light, however, we emphasize that you must avoid hours from 11 am to 5 pm because the sun’s rays are highly harmful.

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