Gas and electricity bills: when prices will drop

At the time of writing, the price of natural gas on the Ttf reference market in Amsterdam, the main European wholesale market, fell below 100 euros per megawatt hour against the almost 350 recorded in the peak period in August. A situation that like Today he had already explained is mainly determined by the low demand for gas that is occurring in this period in Europe. The drop in the cost of fuel will almost certainly bring benefits to consumers as well.

When the bills go down

Gas bills could start to fall as early as November as Arera – the authority that regulates the energy market – updates prices every month based on the prices registered on the Italian PSV market. For electricity, a tariff update may not take place before January. This at least for the users of the protected market.

The drop in prices is a scenario considered probable even by those who work in the sector. “The real news is that the price of gas has fallen below the threshold of 100 euros and therefore the bills will stop increasing, indeed a reduction is expected in the coming months”. This was said by Davide Tabarelli, president of Nomisma Energia, a company that deals with research in the energy and environmental fields. “We are moving towards a rationing, everyone knows, and we can only do it if it will be hot but it is winter”, said Tabarelli, according to which the only possible recipe is to “make more system in Europe as in Italy, to produce power”.

Even experts therefore believe that a drop in the price of gas in the bill is likely. Maybe as early as November. It is very difficult to quantify the lower expenditure today. Rather, it is to be hoped that the truce will continue. Yes, because the drop in the cost of fuel is essentially due to 4 factors. The fact that the storages for the winter have been almost filled and now stand at over 90% throughout Europe; the unusually mild weather this October; the constant influx of LNG; finally, the reduction in industrial consumption. With the return of the cold everything could change, unfortunately for the worse. The price of gas, in other words, could undergo new increases even if it is hoped that they will not be as dramatic as those recorded in the summer.

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