Gas bills will not increase this year? The asset department showed the project

Gas bills will not increase this year?  The asset department showed the project
Gas bills will not increase this year?  The asset department showed the project
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Gas bills for households and some public utility entities, e.g. hospitals, will not increase this year, and for some recipients, they will drop due to setting the maximum price at the tariff level of the company with the largest market share – assumes the MAP project wz. with the situation on the gas market.

As we read in the Regulatory Impact Assessment of the draft act of the Ministry of State Assets (MAP) on special solutions to protect gas fuel consumers in connection with the situation on the gas market, it will have “a measurable positive impact on the economic situation of millions of Polish families”.

It was emphasized that the bills for gaseous fuels of these customers will not increase in 2022, and for some they will “decrease due to the fixing of the maximum price at the tariff level of the enterprise with the highest market share.” will not be increased by the actual purchase costs of gaseous fuel for their needs by companies dealing in gas fuel trading, which have not been covered in the tariffs in force in 2022 “.

According to MAP, the project will have a positive impact on the costs to society of using public services.

As reported, in the second half of 2021 there was an unprecedented increase in natural gas prices on the European Union wholesale market. “The prices of natural gas in December 2021 on EU exchanges were many times higher than the prices of natural gas in the corresponding period of 2020. The above situation generates significant costs for household consumers and entities from the public utility sector, which, due to their functions, often they are not able to obtain funds on their own to pay significantly higher bills for natural gas “- it was written.

The authors of the draft indicate that the unusually high prices of natural gas, with the parallel protection of certain categories of customers against the radical increase in natural gas prices, generate the risk of a significant deterioration of the financial condition of gas sellers. The necessity to take further actions was indicated in order to, inter alia, protection of natural gas consumers who are particularly exposed to the effects of an increase in its prices. The idea is to protect “household customers and some customers performing public utility tasks, while introducing compensation for gas sellers selling to tariff customers”.

The project shows that the proposed solutions may be used, for example, by approx. 7 million households, up to 40,000 cooperatives and housing communities.

The governmental Strategic Reserves Agency will be able to buy gas to build up reserves

“In order to increase the role of the Government Strategic Reserves Agency in the system of security of natural gas supply, the project in question creates the basis for the acquisition by it on behalf of the State Treasury of natural gas for the purpose of maintaining mandatory reserves” – it was written in the explanatory memorandum to the draft.

As noted, however, it is necessary to change the way in which the Agency purchases goods and services, because – as a public entity, it has to apply the Public Procurement Law. However, as the project promoters wrote, “taking into account the fact that the creation of compulsory stocks of natural gas is a service of general economic interest and concerns the security of natural gas supplies, it should be recognized that the Article 2 (6) exemptions from the legal regime of the public procurement system it is proportionate and does not introduce discriminatory criteria that could have an impact on the ability to compete freely “- it was written.

In addition, it is planned to introduce a regulation enabling the Agency to start providing the so-called ticket services already in the current gas year. To this end, in order to ensure the transparency and greater efficiency of the model, the provision in question enables the Agency to take over the mandatory reserves or their parts for the State Treasury. Therefore, the entities that are required to establish and maintain compulsory stocks may apply to the Agency for the conclusion of a ticketing contract. Its conclusion will mean the transfer to the State Treasury of the ownership of natural gas held by the party ordering the ticket service as part of the mandatory reserves, in the amount allowing the Agency to perform the contract.

The government will introduce statutory loan and bond guarantees for gas sellers up to PLN 30bn

The government will introduce statutory guarantees for loans and bonds as well as sureties for gas sellers, which will not exceed a total of PLN 30 billion, according to the regulatory impact assessment.

The government is preparing a bill to protect natural gas consumers exposed to the effects of price increases, including the protection of household consumers and consumers carrying out public utility tasks.

The draft act provides that an ex officio seller of gaseous fuels will be able to obtain a loan from the COViD-19 Countermeasure Fund covered by the State Treasury’s guarantee up to a maximum amount of PLN 20 billion in repayment of liabilities under loans and bonds.

In addition, the entrepreneur performing in 2021 the obligation referred to in art. 49b paragraph. 1 of the Energy Law Act will be given the opportunity to obtain a loan from the COViD-19 Counteracting Fund covered by the State Treasury’s guarantee, up to a maximum amount of PLN 10 billion.

Compensation costs? PLN 10 billion

The cost of compensation for high gas prices was estimated at approx. PLN 10 billion, as stated in the impact assessment of the draft act.

The government has prepared a bill aimed at protecting natural gas consumers exposed to the effects of price increases, including the protection of household consumers and consumers performing public utility tasks.

The project envisages extending the catalog of entities covered by tariff protection by December 31, 2023 to include some categories of recipients who are entities performing tasks in the field of public utility (including hospitals, schools, nurseries, kindergartens, night shelters, etc.).

It also provides for the introduction of a compensation mechanism for natural gas sellers to tariff customers, which would be used to compensate for the effects of the price freezing on the extended catalog of tariff customers.

“The total cost of compensations provided for by the Act will not exceed PLN 10 billion. Compensations will be paid by the Price Difference Payment Fund, to which in 2022 will be transferred:

  • 40 percent funds obtained from the sale of emission allowances by auction,
  • funds from the COVID-19 Counteraction Fund “- it was written.

author: Aneta Oksiuta

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