Gas leaks at sea, Biden’s words in February: “If Russia invades Ukraine, there will be no more Nord Stream”

Who is responsible?

– Strong doubts remain about the hypothetical responsible: between

Russia on the one hand and the United States, the EU and Ukraine on the other is a continuous exchange of accusations. The answer will be the investigations opened by Sweden and Denmark, and supported by Brussels and Washington, in which Moscow, which says it is “extremely worried”, is asking to participate.

The Kremlin: “Stupid and absurd to blame Russia”

– “It is stupid and absurd” to blame Russia for gas leaks from Nord Stream. It was the Kremlin’s sharp retort after the accusations. Moscow also expects information from the Danes and Swedes on the state of emergency at the Nord Stream pipeline, spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, adding: “They are the ones who have a lot of monitoring equipment there. Gazprom must be able to participate in the investigation.” The Nord Stream submarine pipeline that crosses the Baltic Sea is in fact managed together with other companies by Gazprom (51%), a Russian energy company owned by the government.

Biden’s words in February –

If Russia “crosses the Ukrainian border, there will no longer be a Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline”: were the words of Joe Biden in February in the joint press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, after a meeting in the Oval Office. “I promise that the pipeline will close. If Moscow invades Ukraine, NATO and we are ready to intervene”, the American president reiterated. Asked by a journalist about “how” since the project is under the control of Berlin? Both Biden and Scholz had replied that “we will take all necessary measures, we will be united together with our allies and partners”.

For the European Union, this is sabotage

– Today, Brussels is primarily talking about sabotage. “The European Union is deeply concerned about the damage to the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines which have resulted in leaks in the international waters of the Baltic Sea. Safety and environmental concerns are top priority. These accidents are no coincidence and concern all of us “, said the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, specifying that” all available information indicates that these losses are the result of a deliberate act. We will support any investigation aimed at obtaining full clarity on what is success and why, and we will take further steps to increase our resilience in energy security. Any deliberate disruption of Europe’s energy infrastructure is absolutely unacceptable and will be met with a solid and united response. “

Norway strengthens the security of energy infrastructure

– Meanwhile, Norway, which has now become the main gas supplier to Europe, has announced that it will strengthen the safety of its oil and natural gas installations after the alleged “sabotage” of the pipelines from Russia Nord Stream 1 and 2 in the Baltic Sea . “The government has decided to implement measures to enhance the safety of infrastructure, ground terminals and installations on the Norwegian continental (undersea) plateau,” Energy Minister Terje Aasland said in a statement.

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