Gas price ceiling, no of Germany: Draghi attacks Scholz hard

Despite the openings of the past few weeks, the Germany continues to cross the ceiling of the gas price in the European Union. Germany, which is playing its game on the energy issue alone, on the strength of its balance sheet: on Thursday Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced a shield to curb gas prices, through an investment of 200 billion euros. There is discontent among the chancelleries, for many the Commission is flattened on German positions.

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The ceiling on the price of gas, in the EU, appears far away despite 15 states, including Italy and France, have sent a letter to the Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson asking her to study a price cap on methane imported into the EU from all suppliers, not only on the one coming from Russia. “We are nowhere near a consensus on the price cap”, explains an EU diplomatic source in view of the extraordinary Energy Council meeting today in Brussels. For the source, “it’s best to focus on the things that unite us, not the things that divide us.”

Not even on a price cap limited to Russian gas, according to the diplomat, it would be obvious to find an agreement: “It is difficult to say, because it has not been discussed in the last two weeks”. But the Member States, he observes, have “very different” situations, so “it won’t be easy”. Even if “we are not opposed in principle” to a cap limited to Russian gas, given that Moscow is an “unreliable partner” and “uncivilized”, it cannot be taken for granted. And, even if it were to pass, from a practical point of view it would be “quite irrelevant”, given that Russian gas imports into the EU have dropped significantly since February 24, 2022.

Draghi attacks the Germans

The question affects the EU at the very moment of handover between Draghi and Meloni in Italy, and the outgoing premier knows how the conjunction represents a delicate step. “Faced with the common threats of our times, we cannot divide ourselves according to the space in our national budgets”, said Draghi, adding that in the next European Councils the EU countries must show themselves “compact, determined, in solidarity just as we have been in supporting the ‘Ukraine”.

“The energy crisis – observed the premier – requires a response from Europe that allows to reduce costs for families and businesses, to limit the exceptional gains made by producers and importers, to avoid dangerous and unjustified distortions of the internal market and to keep Europe united once again in the face of the emergency ”.

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