Gas price: when do bills fall?

Yesterday, the trend in the price of gas made everyone breathe a sigh of relief, as the Amsterdam stock exchange traded around 100 euros per megawatt hour. Thanks to these prices in the future we will see a drop in the price of bills, avoiding a future sting. Let’s see the details of the story.

Yesterday was a memorable day as the gas price fell down to i 100 euros per megawatt hour, thus avoiding a new increase in the price of bills. In October we will have very high bills, due to the increases in the last quarter. The president of Nomisma Energia Davide Tabarelli is also exulting, considering this result a real success.

Bills: the price will drop thanks to the EU agreement


The future price of bills is bound to go down, thanks also to the agreement made by the European Union on the subject, strongly desired by the now former Italian Prime Minister. According to the statements of Draghi himself, the last meeting of the Member States:

It led to a drop in the price of gas, after the agreement the prices lost 10%, demonstrating that the speculative component is relevant. This is the world where the crisis had to be addressed from the beginning and it will soon result in lower bills.

Bills: slight price improvements for Arera

renewable energy it companies

The price of the bills will drop, albeit slightly also for Arera, who had announced a decline even before Mario Draghi. The reasons would be related togas price trend in the Amsterdam market. These are the words of the president Stefano Besseghini:

The situation is improving slightly, we are intercepting a phase in which the air conditioners are off and the heaters are not yet on. With this approach, we avoided the complicated phase of August in which gas prices hit all-time highs.

With the price of gas below 100 euros, they will go to avoid increases of 70%.

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