Gas prices. The Ministry of Assets wants to launch “extraordinary instruments”

As it results from the list of legislative works of the government, “there is a need to introduce special protective solutions that would allow taking actions to minimize the negative socio-economic effects related to sudden, sharp increases in prices gas in the market “.

It is a draft act of the Ministry of State Assets on special solutions to protect gas fuel consumers in connection with the situation on the gas market. The new regulations are to allow the launch “extraordinary instruments increasing energy security Poland, and in the short term, supporting households, residents of multi-unit buildings, and some sensitive customers. “

Compensation for sellers

The project provides for the introduction of mechanisms allowing, inter alia, to expand the catalog of covered entities tariff protection by 31 December 2023 for some categories of recipients performing public utility tasks.


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It is to be introduced, inter alia, compensation scheme for natural gas sellers to tariff customers “which would serve to compensate for the effects of the price freezing on the new catalog of tariff customers”.


Another solution is to “confirm and emphasize necessity in the legal provisions tariff protection of gas consumers in multi-unit buildings that have not concluded individual comprehensive agreements or natural gas purchase agreements with energy companies “.

It would be established by law warranty for liabilities incurred on account of loans and issued bonds intended for purposes related to their core business.

The regulations also provide for obtaining funds for guaranteeing the continuity of the service the so-called comprehensive service for household gas fuel consumers. This is to be made possible by the granting of loans by the Minister of State Assets.


The reserve agency will buy gas

By design Governmental Agency for Strategic Reserves will be added to the catalog of entities that can provide the so-called a ticket service, which is “an alternative form of fulfilling the obligation to maintain a natural gas stock in relation to the purchase of the service on one’s own within the storage capacity offered by the operator of the storage system or maintaining the stock abroad”.

The project provides the basis for the acquisition by the Agency on behalf of the State Treasury of natural gas for purposes maintaining mandatory stocks.


Gas price increases

In December, the Energy Regulatory Office announced that as a result of the increase in the tariffs for gas of the largest seller, PGNiG OD, approved by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, the monthly bills of households using gas to prepare meals will increase by approx. PLN 9 net per month.

The Office also announced that from January 1, 2022, the total average increase in the electricity bill of an average household will amount to approx. 24%, which means an increase of approx. PLN 21 net per month.

The media reports that the gas price increases for consumers are as high as several hundred percent, this applies mainly to entities conducting business activity, local governments, but also some communities and housing cooperatives that have their own gas boiler houses (collective boiler houses).


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