Gas rises above 200 euros in start-up in Amsterdam – Economy

The gas price returns above 200 euros per megawatt hour while the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, calls on Russia to partially mobilize to face the war in Ukraine. Ttf futures rose by 4.7% to 203.4 euros on the Amsterdam market after having marked a maximum at the start of trading at 207 euros (+ 6.6%).

It slips the euro after Russian President Vladimir Putin called on the country to partially mobilize to face the war in Ukraine. The single currency reached a low of 0.9885 against the dollar, down 0.9% against the greenback.

The spot price Of their is up slightly this morning. The metal with immediate delivery is worth 1,670.44 an ounce, with a gain of 0.33%.

There Tokyo Stock Exchange The session ended with a decline in the wake of the contraction in US equity markets, with investors waiting for more indications from the monetary policy of the main central banks, including the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan, this week. The Nikkei reference price list loses 1.36% to 27,313.13, yielding 375 points. On the currency market, the yen depreciates at the exchange rate against the dollar, at 143.80, and against the euro at 142.90.