Gay couple publishes photos of their last kiss and then takes their own life: “Happy ending, we decided it together”

Their love would not be accepted. So two guys, Tigran And Arsen, they decided to take their own lives together. A very serious episode, testifying to the prevailing homophobia in their country, theArmenia. Before the suicide, the couple published a post on Instagram: a photo in which the two young people kiss, accompanied by a last message. The Pink Armenia association, a group that fights for LGBT rights in the country, denounced the incident. “Happy ending», Write Tigran and Arsen in their latest post. “The decisions on sharing the photos and on our next steps – they add – were taken by both”.

Milan, calls the police because two gays are kissing: “Come now, I’m in my house”

Armenia, the suicide of two gay boys

Homosexuality in Armenia is not protected in any way by the state. Society strongly discriminates against gays and similar incidents have happened in the past. Pink Armenia explains that many young people have decided to end it because they experience “feelings of guilt, fear, self-blame and shame due to the attitude of society towards their sexual orientation and their gender identity”.

Tigran and Arsen’s post has become the target of all kinds of offenses. The photo received many hateful comments, showing contempt for the young couple. There are even those who write that the two boys had a “valid reason” for committing suicide and who invited gays to do the same thing. Another testimony of the homophobia of Armenian society.

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