Gay filmmaker John Waters finally gets his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Monday September 19, at the age of 77, gay filmmaker John Waters finally obtained his star and the cast of his hands in the concrete of the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. A truly iconic tourist attraction on the streets of Los Angeles, this internationally renowned sidewalk is adorned with the names of the most influential American artists, welcoming new ones every year.

During the ceremony, Waters made a point of thanking his parents “ who, although horrified by my early films and some of the later films as well, encouraged me to continue because I guess they couldn’t imagine anything other than working in show business for me “.

With the verve and humor that we know from him, he quips: “ Here I am closer than ever to the gutter! I hope the most desperate showbiz scions feel some kind of respect and strength when they trample me. The sewers of this magical boulevard will never erase the gutter of my gratitude, the wreckage of my film career, or the waste of Waters’ appreciation »

Although the initiative is relatively late, we can be delighted that such an important face of queer counterculture is being honored by something as mainstream as the Walk of Fame.

Nicknamed Pope of Trash and King of Bad Taste, John Waters is an essential face of international queer cinema. His collaboration with the legendary drag queen Divine gave birth to a myriad of great transgressive films, Pink Flamingos has Female TroublePassing by Polyester and their biggest success in theaters, Hairspray. After the death of his friend and colleague in 1988, Waters continued to amuse the whole world with absurd comedies where the filmmaker made fun of the bourgeoisie and American puritanism. Then follow the iconic Cry Babythe satirist Serial Momthe hilarious Cecil B. Demented and his latest film, A Dirty Shamereleased in 2004.

Despite his popularity with critics and the public, John Waters was no longer able to produce new films. He returned this year with his first novel, You dirty liar, for which Komitid had interviewed him. A story of sulfurous and extravagant fraud which should mark his big return to directing, since he has ensured work on the adaptation to the cinema.

Before him, Billy Porter, Ryan Murphy, Jim Parsons, Ellen DeGeneres, Ru Paul, Rock Hudson and many other LGBTI+ stars had the honor of seeing their names inscribed on this iconic sidewalk.

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