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André Onana kept the clean sheet against Barcelona and now undermines the Slovenian for a definitive changeover

There is a desire for André Onana among the Nerazzurri fans. Without disrespecting Samir Handanovic for what he represented for Inter, the feeling that his colleague now offers more guarantees is widespread throughout the environment. Will Inzaghi be convinced to put an end to the alternation?

Today’s Gazzetta dello Sport focuses on this question as well. It is read: “Whatever happens, the Handanovic era, a long tyranny, is at its end. It is only necessary to understand when André Onana will succeed him. From next season the passage will become official, but already in this season the Cameroonian is blowing more and more behind him every day. of Samir. Certainly Inzaghi’s intention for the beginning of the season (“the owner is Handa!”) has gone to the nettles, indeed the pilates alternation continues. Simone said that he will choose from time to time, even if the consolidated trend is that to entrust the gloves of A to the Slovenian and those of the cup to Samir.

The final decision, however, is only postponed and the first to know is the captain himself: Handanovic accepted him, making himself available to the group and without raising fuss, neither private nor public. He talked about it with the coach, aware that time passes for everyone, even if the movement mounted by the fans on social media to unseat him sometimes seems a bit exaggerated “.

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