Gears 5

Many players are having problems with some online features of Gears 5, such as coop mode, VOIP and Chat.

Many of the players who have already had access to Gears 5 are experiencing problems with the coop mode , with VOIP with rescues and with Game Chat, including crashes, lags and continuous disconnections. The situation is quite serious, so much so that it has requested the timely intervention of The Coalition, the development team, which is working to resolve all the problems reported before the launch of the public version.

It must be said that these are not the first troubles of Gears 5, given that in the previous days there had already been several, including some due to Xbox Live. Probably those who had the Early Access by booking the game, or by paying the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription will not be overjoyed not to be able to play properly, however it should be a matter of hours before a definitive solution is found.

Before leaving, we invite you to read our review of Gears 5 to learn more about the game. The release date for Gears 5 for PC and Xbox One is set for 10 September 2019.

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