Gears 5

Rod Fergusson, head of the development team The Coalition, said he was working to expand the Gears series while Epic Games had virtually set it aside and left to die.

Gears 5 marks an important turning point for the series created by Epic Games and now owned by Microsoft: Rod Fergusson, head of The Coalition, said he was working to expand the franchise.

“We started this journey with Gears of War 4 and now I feel we have taken the right path with Gears 5, ” Fergusson said. “Part of my mission since 2014 has been to understand how to grow the franchise, how to relaunch it.”

“Epic Games had set aside Gears of War and was leaving it to die, so Microsoft decided to buy the intellectual property. We are not simply trying to get the brand back on track, we want to see it grow and prosper. ”

” There is a term that everyone hates, ‘transmedia’, but in my opinion, there is a credibility factor when you can get a brand out from a single medium. This would allow fans to embrace this world more deeply and see it projected even outside of games. ”

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