Gears 5, Little Sold but Much Played: Has Xbox Game Pass Changed the Rules?

Gears 5

In terms of sales, Gears 5 is the most striking example of how Xbox Game Pass has changed the rules of the game: in the retail format, it has done badly but boasts three million players.

Gears 5 has had poor sales in the UK, yet the new episode of the series developed by The Coalition has over three million players: it’s the Xbox Game Pass effect, which is radically changing the way certain ratings are made.

If in fact, you had the chance to play with all the exclusives produced by Microsoft for the price of just 9.99 euros a month instead of the around 70 euros needed to actually buy each title, what would you do? Exactly, and judging by the results obtained by Gears 5 in the UK you are by no means the only ones.

At first, when Xbox Game Pass strangely was not cannibalizing sales of games for Xbox One, it was thought that somehow the most fitting subscription offered by the Redmond could coexist with a traditional approach to the gaming market.

Months later, however, it is clear that even the most skeptical user has decided to take the proverbial leap and access the extensive catalog guaranteed by the service, which as mentioned includes from day one also and above all Microsoft first-party productions, including just a gem like Gears 5.

Characterized by a rich and engaging campaign, capable of introducing interesting innovations both in terms of gameplay and in terms of structure thanks to two open-world style scenarios, as well as a solid and fun online sector, the new chapter of the famous series could not leave indifferent.

And in fact, it has established itself as the best launch of Xbox Game Studios in this generation, grinding numbers that are nevertheless different from those we are used to analyzing. A change of meter that is linked to that operated by Microsoft with regard to the hardware.

For several years now the American company has not paid attention to the units sold but to the number of users who use their services. However, one wonders if this type of approach produces sufficient revenues and will remain valid even at the dawn of the next generation, with Xbox Scarlett and PS5, when the comparison with Sony will start again from scratch and Microsoft will no longer be forced to chase.

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