Gears 5

The Coalition has made great efforts to ensure that Gears 5 offers excellent performance on all Xbox One models: let’s read the words of technical director Colin Penty.

In an interview with GameSpot, Gears 5 technical director Colin Penty touched on various topics including frame rate management in the game.

The developer said that on Xbox One the Gears 5 Campaign runs at 30 frames per second, exactly like that of Gears of War 4. Nevertheless, The Coalition has resorted to some tricks to make the most of the older hardware through time upscaling.

Furthermore, the team managed to introduce 60 frames per second for all the multiplayer modes of the game – Versus, Orda and Escape – even on the least performing model. On Xbox One X, instead, Gears 5 runs steadily at 4K and 60 frames per second both in the Campaign and in multiplayer.

Plenty explained that the studio did not want to compromise, as it did in the days of Gears of War 4. “With Gears 5 we immediately decided that the campaign should have gone 60 frames per second on Xbox One X,” he explained. “We didn’t want to compromise like with Gears of War 4, where you had to choose between 1080p and 60 fps or 4K and 30 fps. It took a lot of work to succeed, but I think it was worth it and it’s probably the best example of how the additional power of Xbox One X can be exploited. “

Remaining on the subject of hardware, Penty also said he was “decidedly enthusiastic” about Project Scarlett, the new Microsoft console arriving in late 2020. “Right now we have nothing to announce about Gears for the new hardware, but I am definitely excited about its potential.”

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