Gears 5

According to an analyst, the Xbox Game Pass subscriptions have grown a lot thanks to the launch of Gears 5, combined with other factors.

Gears 5 seems to have done well at the Xbox Game Pass service, which has seen a significant increase in the number of subscribers around the launch date, also thanks to some offers and a very competitive price.

This was said by the analyst of the company Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad, better known in the videogame environment as ZhugeEX. According to him, Gears 5 is the first mega-hit of the service. Not that other titles can be considered failures, such as Forza Horizon 4, but that of The Coalition is what Microsoft needed to accelerate the Xbox Game Pass.

For Ahmad, Microsoft’s ultimate goal is to reduce entry barriers to console games, which means making them accessible at a lower price without having to switch from dedicated hardware. For this reason, the subscription has also been extended to the PC world and for this reason the Redmond company is relying heavily on XCloud as a gateway for an exponentially higher number of players, mobile and other systems.

Just today the news emerged that Gears 5 dethroned Fortnite as the most played game on Xbox One. He is the first to have succeeded for a year now.

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