Gender Change? Ninel Conde Couldn’t Take It Anymore and Decided to Tell It All. Nothing Was Saved!

Ninel Conde

It happened during an interview.

Singer Ninel Conde has chosen not to post photographs on her personal Instagram account, so regularly, due to the destructive comments of her detractors.

And the actress has always been judged for the different surgeries she has decided to undergo, being very cruel to her.

Ninel gave an interview to the journalist Gelena Solano, were walking through the streets of New York they made purchases in prestigious stores and talked about the things that bother her.

When Solano asked him the technique to deal with criticism about the alleged surgeries that have been performed, the artist did not surprise her response.

“People who hate, who have saved grudges or pain, should be careful not to hurt others,” replied the Toluca born.

The comment made by Count that did surprise everyone, was when she jokingly commented that evidently many changes have been made in her body, but the most radical was the one that transformed him from man to woman.

One of the characteristics of Ninel Conde, is her sense of humor, as he showed in her social networks when he published an image showing her “new appearance.”



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