General medicine. The Snami solicits the publication of the notice of competition

The delay in the publication of the announcement, for the union “favors the loss of scholarships due to the competition of specialties, thanks to the climate of disinterest and inattention towards the category of General Practitioners”


The autonomous union comments on the umpteenth delay in the competition to access the General Medicine course that will train future family doctors.

“Every day we read proclamations on the lack of doctors, revision of the programmed number, stop at the limited number and amnesties – he says Angelo TestaNational President Snami – In fact, alarmist and instrumental disclosures remain, confirming the inadequacy of the proceeding, lies because there are no concrete acts. “

“The umpteenth example of this way of proceeding – he adds Federico Di Renzo, Snami National Presidential Officer – we see him for the competition of the training school in General Medicine. The current legislation requires the ministry to publish the notice so that the course starts by November 1st, but from 2018 the competition is not carried out within the times established by the law itself. “

“A trivial delay? Far from it – he points out Matteo PicernaDeputy National Secretary Snami – it is a guilty and substantial delay that favors the loss of scholarships due to the competition of specialties, thanks to the climate of disinterest and inattention towards the category of General Practitioners. “

“Postponing the 2022 course to 2023 as happened in other years – concludes Angelo Testa – is yet another slap in the face of the category, a further disservice to citizens and makes clear all the organizational and structural myopia of politics because in fact there is no lack of doctors but trained doctors, especially in General Medicine. Like Snami, we ask for the immediate publication of the competition notice in General Medicine to agree on the maximum number of doctors possible, to ensure medical assistance in the areas with the greatest shortage and to guarantee the right to training established by law. “

September 21, 2022
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