Generous? Neymar goes to charity auction and surprises his followers

Caruaru, Tuesday, May 17, by Naiara Oliveira from the website Techno NewsNeymar Júnior, a player for PSG and for the Brazilian national team, was one of the athletes present at the charity auction for his teammate.

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The Senegalese ace Idrissa Gueye, midfielder of PSG, gathered friends for an event. However, his intention was not hype, but a noble and special cause. A charity auction. The party was focused on raising money to help the children of “For Hope”. The Institution takes care of Senegalese children with HIV/AIDS and cancer.

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Neymar won a ball for approximately R$ 790,000

During the event, the boy Ney bid 150,000 euros (approximately R$790,000) and scored a ball. But not just any ball, in addition to being signed by all Senegalese players, the ball was used in the African Cup of Nations (CAN).

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As if doing good was still not enough, the Brazilian team star left the event with a collector’s item.

However, we need to emphasize once again that: all money raised in the auction will go towards the treatment of Senegalese children with HIV/AIDS and cancer.

However, we need to remember that the ace has his own Institute in Praia Grande. The Neymar Jr Institute have cultural, social and sports activities for children. And, recently, in partnership with Puma, it developed uniforms for the actions and activities carried out in the place.

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The boy Ney is an excellent player and has a heart of gold

A few years ago, Neymar organized his own auction and managed to raise more than 3 million to help the children of Santos. The player, in addition to standing out on the field, stands out off it for his generosity and altruism. Therefore, he is worthy of all the fame, admiration, applause and spotlight he receives. For more people like that in the world. Let him do good because good simply needs to be done.

And, after a very special night, provided by Gueye and Neymar, for the Senegalese children who are served by “For Hope”, we hope that our boy Ney, gets what he wants so much, to be six-time champion with our team. in this year’s Cup.

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