George Lazenby wants to be a Bond woman, and has chosen Margot


LONDON – George Lazenby would like the next James Bond was Jane Bond.

The actor, who played the most famous secret agent in the world in a movie (“007 – The Her Majesty’s secret service” (1969), said: “I would Prefer to see a woman on the screen, rather than a man, so I think it is a good idea to have a woman who plays James Bond.”

Lazenby has already in mind a name: Margot Robbie. “I mean, why not? There is an australian actress who I was seeing today on television,” said the Daily Mail Australia. “Margot Robbie. It would be brava. Is cazzuta”.

The 80-year-old has admitted to not having seen the film of his successors in the role of 007, simply because it is not interested in the series. Then obviously you missed the statements of the producer Barbara Ringlets, who reiterated that the only certain thing is the Bond post-Daniel Craig is that it will always be a man.

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