Georgina Rodríguez as God Brought Her Into the World! Filter This Forbidden Photo

Georgina Rodríguez has become the largest Spanish influencer worldwide, something that has caused everything she does to have a thousand eyes on and is in question. And of course, the Canary has a past.

Among the images of her past, one in which she appears in a room very similar to a cabaret stands out and the model is in a half-open robe showing more of the account.

An image that has been rapidly virtualized and that Georgina Rodríguez or her partner Cristiano Ronaldo has not liked at all that has appeared in the media.

Georgina is upset

The appearance of the image again in social networks has not sat well and they are looking for a way to eliminate it forever, however, it seems complicated, since the photograph has already been seen by millions of people and saved on many computers.

That is why Cristiano Ronaldo has recommended not giving importance to the image and that over time will end up forgetting as some image of the Portuguese as a young man who does not want to remember.

It is false?

From the surroundings of Georgina Rodríguez, they have tried to invalidate the photo through social networks, since the face is not clearly visible they have released the rumor that the photograph is not of the Spanish model.

Although it seems quite difficult for people to end up believing that it is not her since her body is quite similar.

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