Georgina Rodriguez causes controversy because of an Hermès bag –

Once again, Georgina Rodriguez finds herself at the heart of a controversy, this time because of a post she published on her Instagram account. The young woman, companion of Cristiano Ronaldo, organized one of these draws which have become common on social networks. By sharing exclusive products with her over 50 million followers, she usually enjoys good support. However, this time, a small detail caught the eye.

Georgina Rodriguez announced to her Instagram followers the chance to win up to 7 luxury handbags from the best brands on the market. However, she was criticized for including a Hermès brand Birkin bag in the draw. This bag is an iconic creation by the stylist, singer and actress Jane Birkin, who unfortunately died a few hours before the publication of the post.

It is obvious that the draw and the text were scheduled a few days before, without taking into account the delicate moment of the disappearance of Jane Birkin. In this context, those responsible for controlling the influencer’s social networks should have taken, according to Internet users, measures to suspend the publication until a reasonable time has passed, or remove the Birkin bag from the draw. comes out, out of respect for the death of the creator.

A priori, it seems that the draw is still in progress, because it is accessible via the official profile of Georgina Rodriguez.

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