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The number of Georgina Rodriguez These are one of the most common sights in the world of spectacle. Y es que además de ser modelo y empresaria es la novia de Cristiano Ronaldo, considered one of the more detached footballers in the current situation. But she has what you have to do with her husbands ¿Sabes quiénes son?

Georgina Rodriguez It’s difficult to keep one of the footballers more detached in the country and to keep a family with those who enjoy the best moments.

In el ambito familiar all you can do is know that there is a llamada herman Ivana Rodriguez So you can see it on some occasions, through photographs.

However, the reflectors must be directed accordingly Patricia Rodriguez, which series on her media. Therefore, let us know all about the model and business owners.

Georgina Rodriguez is a model and entrepreneur born in Argentina (Foto: AFP)


Ivana Rodriguez

The distinguished international media have informed respect to Ivana, the bride of Cristiano Ronaldo’s wedding. In this sentiment, Mujer Hoy recorded that the girl appeared in the series “Soy Georgina” there are some used opportunities in photos with the model and business.

Ivana Rodriguez Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in 2021 he converted to his mother, and daring the light to the little Deva. The hermana mayor of Georgina Rodriguez prefer the live life of the cameras.

The young woman dedicates herself to the world of estética there bellezaaunque trata de abrirse camino como influencia y en su redes sociales sorbente a menudo con sus changes de look.

Ivana Rodríguez is Georgina’s husband (Foto: Ivana Rodríguez / Instagram)

Patricia Rodriguez

Pocos conocen que Georgina Rodriguez have a hermana media. It dealt with Patricia, on her media and is 35 years old. From the portal The Universeon some occasions Patricia mentioned that you had a cordial relationship with the wedding of Cristiano Ronaldo minetras vivió con ella, con Ivana y con su papa Jorge Eduardo Rodriguez.

Asimismo, the mediocre city, añadió que Patricia llegó to the house of Georgina luego que su mother Ana Maria Hernández falleció.


Según informó People en español, Patricia habló en su momento de Georgina Rodriguez Please note that your media does not help you economically.

Estoy arruinada y mi hermana no me ayuda (…) No se si es es que se avergüenza de mí. Yo no significo nada (para Georgina). Georgina is very united with the children we need, but not with our sobrinos.”sostuvo Patricia al programa Espejo público, según People en español.

Sin embargo, según commenta del citado medio, fue la periodista Aurelio Manzano who refused to tell the young woman that the story did not eradicate the story of Patricia.

Hubo a determined moment when Georgina arrived with Cristiano Ronaldo, who contacted Patricia with her because she had a problem teaching the children”, host the presenter in the Fiesta program in November of 2022, según People en español.


The Universe informed that the company and model have taken a legal step to control the situation in the past.

Asimismo, so well signaled -The Universe- that in the case of Ivana we have no problem because we have the novia of Cristiano Ronaldo; Otherwise, the situation may be very different in Patricia’s case.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez are a very famous couple (Foto: Georgina Rodríguez / Instagram)



The current pair of Cristiano Ronaldo respond to the number of Georgina Rodriguez and she is the mother of the quarter of the delantero of the Manchester United. It was born on June 27, 1994, in the town of Jaca, Spain. Between the jobs that the young person has done, he has a good job.


Georgina Rodríguez and Cristiano Ronaldo present in the new music video “Energía Bacana” by Sebastián Yatra

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