Geraldine Ponce reported that police entered her home and arrested her chief of staff

The mayor accused the governor of being obsessed with her Photo: Cuartoscuro
The mayor accused the governor of being obsessed with her Photo: Cuartoscuro

Geraldine PonceCity Council President Tepicreported that officials from the Nayarit State Attorney General’s Office entered his home and arrested him. chief of staffAlejandro Galván.

Through a live broadcast that has since been deleted from his account, he criticized the Nayarit governor. Miguel Angel Navarro Quinterothat he was behind the break-in to his home.

In the approximately two-minute recording, the mayor denounced: “What the governor has for me, for people in my cabinet, for my officials, is the governor’s obsession, because I don’t know what the governor is thinking.” I just worked. ”

Tepic Mayor Geraldine Ponce said the minister was arrested at his home. Credit: X @lopezdriga

Ponce said her home had been guarded by FGE officers since yesterday and that she had received threats in the days before that.

“Look, they want to break into my house. I hold Governor Miguel Ángel Navarro Quintero responsible for what they’re doing,” to arrest ministers. the mayor said when prosecutors entered his home.

Deputies said law enforcement officials issued orders to search the home and arrest Galvan on suspicion of suspicion. family violence and intimidation.

The Cabinet Secretary said that his arrest was political persecution by Navarro Quintero, and blamed Quintero for the complaints against him.

Geraldine Ponce denies the crimes her chief of staff is accused of (Twitter/@GeraldinePonceM)
Geraldine Ponce denies the crimes her chief of staff is accused of (Twitter/@GeraldinePonceM)

“Look at how quickly they will act, using all the power the state has against those who have fabricated crimes through domestic violence and intimidation,” Ponce added.

The mayor also pointed out that the arrest was a result of his support for Claudia Sheinbaum, coordinator of the Fourth Transformation Defense Committee.

The day before, Alejandro Galván reported on social networks: an armed group broke into his house, apparently for stealing. Officials reported that criminals overpowered and threatened his relatives.

An armed group came to “rob” my house. They tied my loved one’s hands and feet and threatened and hurt his head with weapons.

The Nayarit Prosecutor's Office confirmed Alejandro's arrest. "N"part of Geraldine Ponce's team (Photo: X @NayaritFiscalia)
The Nayarit Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the arrest of Alejandro “N”, a member of Geraldine Ponce’s team (Photo: X @NayaritFiscalia)

Galvan said the gunmen even took away devices containing images of the break-in. However, a replacement security camera was able to capture part of what happened.

At least two videos can be seen in the videos shared by members of Geraldine Ponce’s team. Women threatened with firearms. One of them was even forced to kneel against the wall when entering the room.

In a short statement, the Nayarit State Attorney General’s Office confirmed the arrest of Hugo Alejandro “N”, a civil servant of the Tepic City Council.

“The arrest warrant, a judicial order previously granted by the controlling judge, was executed by the Nayarit State Criminal Investigation Department and Public Security Department against Hugo Alejandro Ng, who is likely to have intervened as the author. . an event that has the characteristics of a crime of family violence and intimidationwhich put women with modest identities at a disadvantage,” the bulletin read.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office announced in detail that this employee received a ruling from the judge in charge of the first instance of the accusation/oral criminal system, and the judge will determine the legal situation.

So far, Governor Miguel Ángel Navarro has not commented on Geraldine Ponce’s accusations against him. The mayor did not issue a message even after the live broadcast, which was deleted.

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