German daily on inflation in Poland. Bild anticipates price cuts

The Polish government will completely suspend VAT on food from February.

The tax rate on gasoline and diesel fuel will then drop to eight percent from the current 23 percent. The government in Warsaw estimates that this will lower the fuel price by as much as 15 cents per liter ”

– reports “Bild”.

“I urge all traders to lower prices accordingly”

– said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, presenting plans to relieve consumers. Authorities “are to check that prices are actually being lowered“- writes the journal.

What else will we pay less for?

Describing Polish plans, “Bild” points out that it is supposed to be cheaper in Poland also electricity; the prime minister announced reduction of VAT to 5% for the next four months.

“In order to contain the galloping heating costs, the VAT on gas will also be abolished by the end of July. Fertilizers are also exempt from tax, production of which has suffered especially due to high gas prices”

– we read in the newspaper.

Morawiecki called the surge in gas prices “terrible” and blamed it on the policy of the Russian energy company Gazprom, writes “Bild”.

The current tax cuts are part of the government’s “anti-inflationary shield” and are very costly: the now announced VAT cuts alone will cost Warsaw the equivalent of around 1.54 billion euros – reports “Bild”.

Source:, PAP

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