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Germany hosted Japan in an international friendly and they met again after competing at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but this time the Germans were looking for revenge in host city Wolfsburg. However, Coach Flick’s team was caught by surprise by the Japanese army and ended up losing 4-1.

From the first half, Japan set the tone and started winning, but this was no coincidence, as it put Germany at a disadvantage in the match. Junya Ito scored the team’s first goal in the 11th minute, giving the Asian team a dream.

Leroy Sane equalized for Germany, but Ayase Ueda scored a goal just before the 30th minute, giving Japan the lead at 1-2 at the half.

Just when it looked like Germany was going to turn things around based on history, in the end it was Japan that stood out the most. Japan managed to hold on to their result, scoring two goals in the final seconds of the game that surprised everyone involved. Hans-Dieter Flick’s Takuma Asano and Ao Tanaka eventually celebrated Japan’s goal.

After suffering a crushing 1-4 defeat in this match against Japan, Germany were still unable to get the hang of Coach Flick, and had already gone four games without a win, resulting in the entire team being booed at home.

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