Germany: A Syrian attacked his wife on the highway. The woman is dead

The incident took place on Saturday near Flensburg in the northern part of Germany, in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, near the border with Denmark.

The police were sure that they were going to the usual incident on the highway between Flensburg and Schleswig in the direction of Hamburg. However, on the scene, officers noticed the body of a woman lying next to a Suzuki car parked in the emergency lane.

Her husband was standing a few yards away, his hands covered in blood. The 33-year-old was detained – he did not resist.

“The man is suspected of having stopped at the side of the road and stabbed his wife several times in the neck, back and neck area,” said prosecutor Inke Dellius of Flensburg.

According to the investigators on Sunday, the badly injured woman apparently tried to escape, the Berliner Zeitung daily reported.

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The moment she ran out of the car, a passing truck hit her.

“According to the appraisal of the appointed accident expert, the truck driver may not have noticed that he had hit an injured woman,” added prosecutor Dellius.

Investigators do not comment on the perpetrator’s motive. The detained husband was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. He is suspected of manslaughter.

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Both spouses are Syrians, officially registered in Denmark.

It is not known yet why they traveled in a car with Berlin license plates.


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