Germany. An 8-year-old set fire to the sleeping parents’ couch. “He felt neglected” | World news

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The event took place on January 6 at approx. 6 am in an apartment block in the Neuperlach district of Munich (Germany). The 28-year-old was sleeping with his wife on the fold-out couch in the living room when suddenly he was awakened by the burning smell. It turned out that there was a fire in the apartment – the upholstery of the sofa on which they were lying was on fire. The couple jumped out of the bed immediately and the fire was extinguished. In the meantime, firefighters arrived, but they did not have much to do, because the apartment was only sufficiently ventilated – reported the daily “Abendzeitung München” on Tuesday.

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Munich. The boy set fire to the couch. Will not face legal consequences

Material damage was relatively minor, but the 28-year-old was slightly injured. As the cause of the fire was initially unclear, the police were called. While the officers were talking to the couple, their 8-year-old son approached them and admitted that he had started the fire. He said he deliberately set fire to the couch with a lighter because he felt neglected: his parents did not pay enough attention to him – unlike their other, sick child, who needed constant care.

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Wąbrzeźno.  2.5-year-old boy in pajamas in the cold.  Drunken mother slept in the apartment (illustrative photo)Wąbrzeźno. 2.5-year-old boy in pajamas in the cold. The mother slept in the apartment

The parents were shocked by their son’s confession. The 8-year-old was observed in a children’s hospital, where he will be examined by psychologists and therapists. The policemen informed the Office for Children and Youth about the whole incident.

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The local police are investigating, but the boy will not face any consequences. “In law, he is considered unfit for a similar offense,” explained police spokesman Werner Kraus in an interview with the daily “Abendzeitung München”.

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