Germany and Japan against Fifa? The rainbow is on the hoodie!

DOHA (Qatar) – And the World of the rainbow band case, with the Germany lined up in the front row to show their support for the cause of civil rights that many nationals are ready to fight in this adventure Qatar. There Fifa banned the “One Love” armband that many captains were ready to wear, replacing it with an office one that did not please many players. Attention, therefore, on the first of the national team Flick against the Japan it was very high and one detail immediately caught the eye.

Germany and Japan: surprise at Fifa

Both teams entered the field with a white sweatshirt covering their uniform, a play of colors on the sleeves to recall the rainbow, all except Neuer who as captain was closely monitored by the refereeing team. No national team, not even those branded Adidas, had so far showcased a sweatshirt like this at the World in Qatar. It is not known whether it was a choice of protest or marketing, the fact is that going on the field with something that recalls a ‘spectre’ disliked by Fifa is certainly to be underlined in this World Cup.

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