Germany: first child with monkeypox

It was recorded in Germany the first pediatric case of contagion of smallpox of the monkeys. It’s about a girl from 4 years resident in Pforzheim in the south-west of the country, together with his family, consisting of two adults, themselves positive for the disease.

The baby at the moment has no symptoms, and it seems that she did not come into contact with anyone, except relatives: she was visited as a precaution and subject to the test, result positive. In Germany, currently, they have been reported to theRKI (the Robert Koch Institute, a body for the protection of public health), 2,916 cases of Monkeypox virus in less than three months.

Almost all of the infected I am males, while the females are seven. “According to current knowledge, close contact is necessary for the transmission of the pathogen”, let the Institute know, underlining that in most cases the transmission is taking place mainly through sexual activity.

The first week of August 2022, also the RKI, had also reported two cases in teenagers 15 and 17 year olds infected with monkeypox. According to the WHO in the current epidemic the cases of infection in children I am very few and in many EU countries the countryside from vaccination.

In Italy, for example, the Lombardy, one of the regions with the most registered cases communicated that i vaccines they are available from Wednesday August 10. At the moment they are 2 thousand the doses of Jynneos ready to be inoculate in the centers for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections of the Asst And Irccs Lombard.

The monkeypox vaccine is recommended to personal from laboratory, which could be exposed to the virus, ea gay, transgender, bisexual people and other men who have sex with men and who have had risky sexual behavior.

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